Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Message For a Tuesday Morning

As I centered down in the quiet of the early morning, the message that was pressed upon me was this: There is a need today for gentleness, for quiet spirits, for drawing close and not allowing fear or selfishness to rule our hours. We must keep the light within visible, sharing it with others as kindness, concern, and caring. Always must we remember that we are love made visible and we are here to share that love and light. George Fox may have said, "Let Your Life Speak", but we must remember that our lives speak regardless of whether we let them or not. Let our lives speak love, light, and kindness today.

(I believe that this message was personal for me; I had awakened twice in the night, once with a sleepwalking child and once with a feverish, shivering, achy husband. I knew the day ahead of me would be filled with opportunities to either snap or be kind, and I wanted to choose kindness.)