Tuesday, September 5, 2006

Enki Update

We've started our break early. We missed two drawings, but have worked the four processes pretty well through conscious effort in our daily lives. We'll keep that up, and we'll practice reading skills, but that is it for academics. Heck, we may do the drawing in the near future, just because the boys like to draw. But mentally, for my sake, we are on break.

There's too much going on. I've held it together, planning late into the night, always trying to stay one step ahead. We've introduced everything I wanted to introduce in grade 1. We're also tired and burned-out. All I am really doing is making official something that happened a couple of weeks ago; making it official eliminates the guilt.

I need to slow down with Enki, take the break, connect with my boys, read, absorb, plan (slowly). I need to add things in a bit at a time, building the melody of the rhythm (we have the basic container in place). I need to make Enki part of my life, but not the main focus.

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