Monday, February 5, 2007

Goals and Victories

I've been participating on the Mama's Simplifying and Thrift forum at Amity Mama. It's fun place to hang out with other mamas that are Compacting, Not Buying. or otherwise trying to get control of the money and make mindful choices about spending.

There is usually a weekly goals thread, as well as one for victories. I decided that I might try listing mine here, on my blog, instead of on the forum.

Goals for the week of 2/5-2/11/07:

Serve healthier, less-traditional breakfasts. For example, to day the boys had baked potatoes with olive oil, and fresh pineapple. Papa and I had brown rice, baked yam and wilted arugula, topped with gomasio and extra dulse flakes. Papa had fresh pineapple too. Alas, I am allergic. I do love pineapple.

Finish knit hat for DS#1 (Valentine's Day gift)

Peel off another layer of clutter.

Get our square foot gardening boxes built and filled with soil.

Try a new GF banana bread recipe.
This isn't intended as everyday fare; I'm looking for a standout recipe to serve to guests and to perhaps substitute for cake on special occasions.

Spend less time on computer. This one has a simple reason - I want to read more.

Cook creatively to use up all of the gorgeous produce and greens Papa bought this weekend.

Read to my boys daily. We're working on a sage story about Martin Luther King Jr. from the Enki resource materials.

Practice reading skills with the boys daily.

Change essential oil blend for bathing;
using the same blend for months at a time I am concerned about the lavender essential oil and too much estrogen. I need to research and create 2-3 new blends that I can rotate.

Other things that are happening this week:

We have library books due today. I should borrow a book on composting.
We should mail a birthday card to my SIL today! (P.O. is on the way to the library)
We want to go to Cherry Valley and buy mushroom compost. Perhaps Tuesday when we have some time out of the house in the morning.
We're making valentine boxes with friends on Tuesday.
I have a doctor's appointment Wednesday.
BMX Wednesday evening.
Farmer's Market Thursday evening.
Go to museum for planetarium show (Saturday)

I'll try to think of last week's victories and list them in another post.

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