Sunday, September 23, 2007

Welcome Fall!

I went away last week, demanding that Autumn arrive by the time I got home, and lo and behold, she's here, right on time. Oh not in your typical New England trees are awash with glorious color way, but in the way she comes to Southern California. The major sign that it is no longer summer: it's not hot (although it may certainly get warm again). The windows are open, it's 70 degrees in the house, I have on a sweat jacket and am thinking I need to put on socks. The boys are going to need their wool comforters.

Having been gone all week, we came home to a pretty bare refrigerator, so our Fall Feast was rather meager; we'll have to put off a major harvest meal until after the farmer's market on Thursday. Still, I managed to serve maple-glazed carrots alongside our brown rice noodles, and I just pulled a pan of pear bars from the oven. That's right: it is cool enough to bake again! If I had wood I'd make a fire.

Tomorrow the boys and I will bring out our Fall decorations. I love washing and drying the silks, pressing them, and draping them over the nature table. Out come some of our favorite friends; gnomes made by Dannielle, a cornucopia basket, acorn caps we found on a hike, and more. Honestly, the Fall nature table is the only one we do formally any more ~ every other season kind of creeps into the house (although the boys are particularly fond of one winter play set, so that comes out every year).

I can hardly wait to start buying pumpkins!

Starting tomorrow I'm going into a major planning and simplifying mode. Call it fall cleaning, if you'd like. By Halloween I hope to have cleared the clutter and created some systems to help our home run more smoothly, so we have more time and space for loving, learning, and living.

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  1. Uugghh...we still haven't gotten it up yet. Hopefully this week, except we may move the piece of furniture that holds the nature table (when it isn't in service as a play kitchen).

    I tore my house apart, and now I get to put it back together. It's a huge puzzle.