Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Not So Compact After All

See that cool little banner to the right?

I failed.

I guess I wasn't disciplined enough this month, or I let the feelings of guilt and deprivation get to me.  I had a birthday, too.  All in all, I just didn't feel like not buying anything.

So, as best as I can recall, here is my confession.  We bought:

Several books.  All homeschooling related, but probably not necessary.  Story of the World I and II, some poetry books, and some art books.

Papa bought a pair of shoes.  I bought organic underwear and yoga clothing.  To be fair, underwear and shoe are allowed, and I failed miserably at finding thrift store yoga clothing. While it is possible to do yoga in my pajamas, it is rather distracting when my shirt falls over my face, and I doubt I can wear my pajamas to a yoga class.

Two Etsy orders: a necklace and trio of handmade books, and some custom carved rubber stamps.  Technically I have allowed myself handmade items, but I was going to try not to buy anything this month.

An IKEA binge: fabric, stainless steel cooking utensils, glass storage jars, garden trellising, a cardboard theater, and stuffed hedgehogs.  Don't ask.  They were cute, J-Baby loved them, and I was weak.  Because they were hedgehogs, of course.

Yet more fabric, and thread (50% off sale stock up).  Plus fabric painting markers, and bubbles, and sidewalk chalk.

Guitar strings, and a tuner.

A guitar for my birthday (I didn't have one), and today (yikes!), yet another guitar, this one for Papa.

I actually don't feel badly about the guitars at all.  They fit into my plan of long term purchases. I thought long and hard about what I wanted for my birthday, and the only thing I came up with was a guitar, and several family members helped me buy it.  As for Papa, he is a gifted guitarist, and an amazing used guitar became available that wasn't likely to show up again for a long time (if ever ~ how often do you find a used left-handed Larrivee OMV-09K?).  So his is an early birthday present.

No, I feel the worst about the fabric.  I haven't been sewing, so it was clearly stash building, which I had decided I wouldn't do.  I feel ambivalent about the Etsy purchases, knowing that they were unnecessary items even if handmade.  The bubbles, chalk, and fabric paints were child pleasers (although I do intend to make our own bubbles again using the purchased bubble container).

I had to post about this, to make a list and see what I had purchased, so that I could think about why.  Because the why is the most important thing.

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