Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sense and Sensibility ePatterns

I love aprons, I love saving money, I love things that save fuel, and yes, I love Jane Austen.

Sense and Sensibility Patterns now offers ePatterns!   You can browse the Regency-inspired patterns, make your choice, and be tracing, cutting, and sewing the same day.  Me, I have my eye on the Edwardian Apron ePattern.  We recently watched the new version of Sense and Sensibility and I loved the apron that Elinor wore.  The aprons are functional and feminine without going over the top with ruffles and lace.

If aprons aren't your fancy there are also patterns for gowns, dresses, and underthings.  The patterns are available for ladies and for girls.  If I had a daughter I would be all over the Girl's Pinafor and Pantaloons ePattern.

The ePatterns are priced well, and the fact that you can download them and print them at home means that no fuel is used to get the patterns to you.  You store them on your computer, reducing clutter and the possibility of losing a pattern piece.  What's not to love?!

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