Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Connection ~ The 4th Warp Thread

We talk about environment, rhythm, and health over and over again.  This afternoon, however, I was struck with the fact that connection is perhaps the most important warp thread of all. Without it, environment, rhythm, and health have very little meaning.

We can create an environment of learning, but without connection it will have no warmth.  We can observe our rhythms and strengthen them, but without connection we have no reason to. We can seek health, but without connection we cannot find it.

For many home learners, especially those who choose holistic learning and living, connection is one of our primary goals.  My boys are not at home with me because I want them to know Latin by grade 8 and to get into Stanford or MIT.  They are not home so that I can protect them from the public school curriculum.  They are not home because there are drugs and bullies and standardized tests in schools.  No, they are home because we want to stay connected as a family.  We want to be connected to each other, to nature, to art and music, to the earth, to our food ... to the world.

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