Monday, May 11, 2009

Right on Schedule

I said the first week would be easy, didn't I?  And that it would be hard after that?  Yep, it's officially hard now.

The Old Testament stories are falling flat.  We're sticking with it, because really, everyone in Western culture needs to know these stories.  But the boys aren't connecting with them, despite having enjoyed hearing just about every creation myth they've encountered so far.  I am extremely tempted to just read the stories, and not work them, and then work Shakespeare instead.  Not Waldorf, I know, but I'm not a purist.  We have a Shakespeare festival this month.

The boys got tired of recording the weather by the fourth day.  We live in So Cal ~ T-Guy suggested that we just draw a picture of the sun and write HOT for everyday, in advance.  Technically, I think today has only been WARM (mid 80s). We probably just need a better rhythm for recording the weather; we want to wait until afternoon.

It hasn't been all failure; our rhythm is going very well.  After a week of setting the alarm and making myself get up each morning I found myself awake and ready to get out of bed 10 minutes before the alarm was set to go off this morning. Our mornings are much smoother and it is carrying through the day.  The weekly rhythm is also falling into place.  The boys want to work ~ they just don't love the OT stories.

I said I wasn't going to give up and go back to unschooling, and I'm not.  But I am starting to question the decision to purchase Christopherus 4th grade.  I'm wondering if we would be happier with Oak Meadow (even less Waldorf, I know, but it has some structure).  I do want something with a lot of the planning done for us.  Oh well, I have time to think about all of it and to read some reviews.  At this point Christopherus is still the front runner.

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