Monday, October 5, 2009

Grade 4, Lesson 7, Day 1 ~ Roman Numerals

Workboxes today: journalling, math practice, reading first story in Indian Legends, wooden sword practice, language arts practice - sentence creation and parts of speech, math main lesson.

I love when I introduce new material and the boys really get it. We talked about tallying and the need for number systems, and then I showed the boys Roman numerals and how to use them. They were really excited ~ it made sense to them. They likened it to writing in code, LOL. Papa says Roman numerals are important because they teach the idea of numbers as symbols as well as cardinality. The boys each made a nice page in their main lesson books with the Roman numerals and their corresponding values using arabic numbers.

We're taking a day off from workboxes and main lessons tomorrow as we say goodbye to our beloved Girl Dog. No post until Wednesday.

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