Friday, January 8, 2010

Grade 4, Winter Term, Long Division Block Week 1 ~ Friday Free Day

Our rhythm so was so solid and effortless all week that I almost forgot that Friday is a free day. I was ready to sing and write and figure. Instead I prepared our home for the major weekly cleaning and we got ready for our homeschool park day. (I did sneak in some singing, as California Here I Come is just so catchy!)

The boys were loathe to create a mess in their room that they would have to tidy right away so they spent the morning building and drawing. Keva Planks are a favorite toy as they offer endless possibility and they are very easy to put away. They have good drawing paper, Stockmar crayons, and Prismacolor pencils available to them at all times and they can also put those away quickly and into their proper places.

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day at the park; the weather was typical of January with sun, blue skies, and gorgeous views of the mountains. The afternoon started quite warm and then cooled as the wind began to blow. The children spent more than an hour building fairy houses out of sticks, twigs, leaves, and small branches. Okay, maybe they weren't fairy houses; that is what I call them but several of the girls were populating their houses with Littlest Pet Shop figures.

The moms (we haven't had any dads attending lately, although one came as we were wrapping things up) chatted and several of us worked on our knitting. I finished an alpaca blend hat for T-Guy as his head is often cold now that he had his hair cut. I had my double-pointed needles out and was able to show a new knitter how to switch from the circular needle to the dpns.

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