Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Glass Confession #2 ~ It Isn't Always Pyrex

True, Pyrex is my first glass love, but I've branching out just a tiny bit lately. It started when a few Glasbake pie plates came home with me, and then some sweet embossed custard cups, and then these Fire King bowls grabbed me at the glass museum parking lot sale:

What can I say?  They were yellow and only $1 a piece.  They've been well-loved and I will continue to use them.  I'm insisting that they not go into the dishwasher despite their less than pristine exteriors  (things were so much easier when we didn't have an automatic dishwasher!).  They are a lovely size and feel wonderful in the hand ~ they remind me of Japanese rice or soup bowls in their shape and heft.

Sunday another non-Pyrex piece of glass came home with me.  Really, who could leave home a Glasbake covered loaf dish?

It's in perfect condition, no chips at all, and with my coupon it was only $3.50! I don't need it for baking but I do think it will look great filled with vintage sewing notions.

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  1. It would be silly to not like them just because they aren't Pyrex. Fire King is awesome (I used to have a soft pink FK plate that I loved). And GlasBake is good, too. I also have a pink faded casserole from them. Good finds! :)