Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dogs, Trains, and Baseball

These are the things that dominate my weekends.  But for a few weeks we will be minus the dogs as they have been sent away for "boot camp" obedience training.  Here is a picture of them with the boys last weekend:

After we visited the dog training site (we didn't leave them that day) we drove to the Orange Empire Railway Museum in Perris, California.  We've been members ever since our first visit in 2001.  Trains are a big part of our lives, both model railroading and what some rail fans like to call 1:1 scale, a.k.a. the real thing.

We got a peak into one of the car barns; the ROTC kids tried to scare us off but a few volunteers welcomed us in.  We learned that the steam engine (VC-2) will be out of commission for a full year, but that SP 3100's restoration is coming along nicely.  Look at this paint job!

J-Baby has loved the signal garden since he could walk, and Wig-Wags are a favorite:

Every Sunday we have a baseball game.  This weekend we have two, as we played a game today in order to have Halloween off.

J-Baby was kind of lonely out there in left field.  He played right and left field today, had a couple of hits including an RBI, and scored a run.  He's doing fantastically for his first time ever.

T-Guy played right field, left field, and second base.  He loves playing in the infield and we are glad that winter ball gives him a chance to try different positions.  He played a pivotal role in a double play, had two hits, and also had the opportunity to score a run.

(He's the player in the middle.)

There was a wee amount of thrifting today, but I haven't taken any photos yet.

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  1. Thanks for the info! We haven't been to Yosemite with them since they were really young (1 & 2) and that was really just an afternoon on our way home from up north. We haven't done many of the railroads up north, other than Roaring Camp in Felton, the Skunk Train in Ft. Bragg, and of course the museum and train ride in Sacramento.