Sunday, August 21, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

I had thought that I would start posting daily in anticipation of the upcoming homeschool year.  Instead I have been getting estimates, budgeting, coordinating tradespeople (I don't know why I bother to be gender neutral ~ they have all been men), picking colors, supervising work, choosing light fixtures, prepping for extermination, and managing dogs as people are in and out of the front door and gate.

In the meantime I am stuck on our learning space as I haven't been able to move out the old dining room table and start changing things up.  I know what I see in my mind and want to make that happen, but imagination isn't reality and I need to actually get in there and set things up.  Looking at the walls I don't think I'll have space to hang a blackboard or even to have one on a rolling stand, so we will probably have to stick with our current blackboard and place it on an easel.  That can have its advantages, as I often like to do chalkboard drawings with the board on the floor or in my lap.  I am committed to doing more drawing this year!

I'm also spending some time looking through the Making Math Meaningful middle grades curriculum; part of me knows that we don't need more math and part of me wants to have another resource to well, make it more meaningful.

I'm working on our fall rhythm as well.  While the afternoon tea and late dinner is working well for the boys and I, Papa comes home each evening ravenous and ready for dinner.  I could move the snack a little earlier (making it less formal) and serve dinner earlier as well, but with an early dinner the boys always want a snack before bed.  Plus baseball is starting and it is hard to have an early dinner when T-Guy is still at practice.  Oh, what to do?  Let it sit and see what happens, I suppose.

I actually do have some time to write, knit, or read, but I am so very tired (that will be my next post) that I have little motivation or energy to do anything.

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  1. Hello from a new reader ! I just ordered a bunch (ok, a lot!) of Waldorf books especially for the dreaded math curriculum. How do you like/love your Making Math meaningfull book? Thank you for your feed back !