Friday, September 23, 2011

And we're off ...

Forgive me for not getting these posts up earlier.  I have a bad habit of starting posts, getting busy with something else, and leaving the posts to languish as drafts for weeks or even months.

Friday was our first day of homeschool and it went really well.  We didn't walk, say a verse, or have circle, but that is okay.  These are big kids we are talking about, middle schoolers, and they are transitioning past some of these things.  Not the walk, of course, but that is always going to be catch as catch can.

We oriented ourselves to the homeschool area, learning where the lesson books and art supplies are, etc., talked about our plans and goals for the year, and then we got to baking.  Yes, our first lesson of the new homeschool year was baking fruit crisps for our afternoon autumnal equinox celebration at the park.  A friend took a photo of how they turned out, which was just beautiful.  There were delicious too.

Photo Courtesy of D. Joseph

We reviewed kitchen hygiene, preparing our space and ingredients, working the steps in order, and patience (waiting for the crisps to bake).  But we also learned about the satisfaction of hard work and the joy that comes from giving of ourselves to our friends.  By including the morning's baking work in our homeschooling I was also able to model time management and I reduced my stress significantly as I wasn't trying to do two things at once.

Our celebration was wonderful; the weather was warm but not stifling and the trees in the park were starting to turn color.  We enjoyed eating good food and spending time with good friends as we reflected on the unity of the equinox and the turning of the season.


  1. The crisps look very lovely! Did you bake them in individual jars?

  2. We did! I ordered wide-mouth half-pint mason jars because I couldn't find them locally ~ I love that the are short and squat. I've been interested in doing desserts and other foods in jars anyway and the celebration gave me the needed motivation to get it done. We try not to use disposable plates/cups/flatware so this was perfect for us; I took along our bin of spoons (we have bins with spoons/forks/knives to pull out whenever we have a crowd). When our friends finished a crisp they put the lid back on and put it upside down into the box, and we gathered the used spoons in a bag.