Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Simple Tuesdays

Monday is a combination of busy and home; we don't go anywhere but we get a lot done.  It's a heavy homeschooling day and a heavy kitchen day. Tuesdays, by comparison, are simple. We do our morning chores and tidy, we do some homeschooling, we have lunch with Papa, and then we visit with friends. Then we fix a simple dinner or choose to go out, which is what we did tonight.


Today the boys:

Completed their music practice.

Worked on fractions, doing two lessons in their workbooks. The concept of borrowing came up, and honestly I don't think it is one I was ever taught. I always convert the entire mixed number into an improper fraction and so far that is exactly that I've taught the boys, but their book did it differently so we spent some time at the white board doing it this "new" way. It does make it easier to finish the problem as there isn't the final conversation, just an occasional simple reduction.

Read the first two chapters of The Borrowers. This is our children's literature selection for the rest of February.

Did two lessons in their other fractions workbook, one that is more story problems and real world applications.

Heard the rest of chapter one from Isaac Newton and Physics For Kids.

Played Yu-Gi-Oh, Dungeons and Dragons, and Monopoly. We consider playing games quite educational, and the public schools must agree as the students in my mother-in-law's classroom also play board and other games.

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