Thursday, March 15, 2012


I kind of fell off the face of the blogosphere this past month.

We got busy. Good busy.  Hey, let's buy a camping trailer busy.

It takes time.  I'd been researching since January, and by mid-February we were ready to actually look at trailers. Except the kind of trailer we wanted didn't exist at your run-of-the-mill RV dealership. Nope, we wanted a fiberglass "egg" trailer along the likes of a Scamp, Casita, Trillium, or Escape. Or one of the many vintage brands of fiberglass trailers no longer made.

Escape said I couldn't tow the trailer I wanted from them, not with my minivan. So when all of a sudden that same trailer popped up used just an hour from me (seriously ~ these trailers are built in Canada and there are fewer than 150 of this particular model in existence) I did what any sane person would do. I said we should look at it, and if we liked it we'd buy a truck. So we looked. We liked it. We bought it and a truck. Bye-bye Corolla.

Then there was getting the trailer home, having it inspected and registered, and finding a place to store it. We had to move into too, so we went through the house to find extra housewares and linens.

We've missed camping, and the learning that comes with camping. Some of our best learning comes when we travel to new places (or find new things to explore in some of our favorite vacation spots). Camping puts us at the ocean more often, and in all sorts of beautiful state and national parks. And lesson work can always come along, ready to be done when the boys are looking for something to do.

We've already had our little trailer out for a weekend and we are looking to head out again as soon as we can.

But, well, we didn't start that Physics block, and we haven't been reading our Isaac Newton book. The boys kept up with fractions, history, science, reading, and PE, and probably lots of other stuff that I don't know about.  I'm starting to think we'll just go with life learning for the rest of grade 6, with the addition of math skills work and maybe some new math learning.

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