Friday, September 5, 2014

Frugal Victories


My boys watched a movie that I rented using a free DVD code from Redbox.

I baked banana muffins (bananas were very spotty, which happened quickly when the house is so warm) and a loaf of sandwich bread.

For our main meal I made french toast with leftover bread.

We moved a rug from the dining room to our bedroom, a decorate with what you already own strategy. Now I don't have to worry about pins on the rug when I sew, I can easily sweep up any fabric and thread bits, and my bedroom has a new luxe look to it while also giving us something warm to step onto as we get out of bed (when the weather gets cold).


We started our major fall declutter and organization push. I believe that cleaning and organizing our home helps us remember why we fell in love with it to begin with, and also ensures that we don't feel crowded into our space and thus dissatisfied with our home's size.

There is nothing like helping your children pare down their belonging to make you realize how much money has been spent on toys. We did some research on Lego set prices and the guys are going to separate some of the Legos back into sets and sell them to earn spending money for bike accessories / upgrades.


I packed a picnic and filled an Igloos with ice water and met the boys at the beach for a picnic and afternoon spent with friends. (They rode their bikes to the beach!)

The driver's side mirror slowly fell off my car while we were driving(!) and was left dangling by wires. We got off at the first exit and went to a Dollar Tree to buy duct tape for a temporary repair.


Today we appreciated having medical insurance, as we had to take T to urgent care. Upon learning that he was hurt I quickly defrosted two banana muffins and filled his water bottle so that he wouldn''t have to wait while hungry. That was a good call as we were at urgent care for four hours. We came home to the rice and beans that I had prepared for our main meal.


Because we spent the early part of the day at the orthopedist I didn't get bread baked; we put together a dinner of salad and leftovers.

We did our monthly Costco shopping, after carefully inventorying what we had on hand and looking at the calendar to see how much of each item we have been using per month.

We purchased boogie boards for our boys for $25 each.


I baked bread and rolls.

The boys went to the library for books, magazines,  and audiobooks.

Today was the day-before-braces for J. I gifted him with a pack of Starburst (his last for a couple of years) that I purchased for 50¢ on sale.


I baked bread and biscuits.

I made such a big batch of soup Wednesday that I decided to serve it again rather than making a new meal and risking not getting the leftovers eaten.

Braces day, but we didn't resort to fast food shakes to sooth J's sore mouth. We made smoothies, pear sauce, and mashed potatoes at home.

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