Monday, April 20, 2015

Love Is ... Taking Her To Buy Not Boring Magazines

Do you remember those sweet little Love Is ... comics in the paper?  My parents had one clipped and stuck to their mirror which said, Love Is ... Letting Her Put her Cold Feet On His Warm Back, or something like that, with a drawing of a couple in bed (under blankets).

What I took from that, other than the obvious fact that my mother was always freezing and my father was always warm and that he didn't really mind her cold feet, was the idea of love being in the little things. Giving someone the last cookie, filling the car with gas, turning the radio station to one that you both like ...

Saturday I went with the guys to do their pre-ride so that we could enjoy nature and have a picnic (or rather, Roadtrek) lunch. The Big Dog and I hung out in the shade while they road, he watching the comings and goings of the other cyclists and I reading a couple of magazines I had dug out of my incoming mail pile.

They weren't particularly interesting magazines; I have had the misfortune to subscribe to several magazines that have since ceased publication. When this happens I am usually sent a different magazine for the duration of my subscription. How Living Crafts became Family Circle I will never know; at least there is a thin connection between Natural Health and Eating Well, even if I didn't particularly care for the magazine.

Papa asked what I did while they were gone and I told him I read a couple of boring magazines. Then last night while we were out he asked if I wanted to buy some not boring magazines. This was very sweet because I have cut back significantly on buying magazines and he was offering me the chance to refill my inspiration tank. I took him up on it and came home with issues of Yes!, Permaculture, Live Happy, Mindful, Hoop-La, and Spirituality and Health (a magazine I have never read before).

I'm certain that he was thinking that life is to short to read boring magazines, and he is right.

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