Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Good Day

We were all sick today...and yet I am pleased with how the day played out.

It was a no-spend day.

It was a no-drive day.

I made a healthy lunch to help nourish us all. Papa usually takes on a lot of the lunch prep...I just wanted to make it easier for him since he was feeling so unwell.

I pulled together dinner from produce that needed to be used, even though I would have prefered to make split pea soup because it's easier, and the dinner was delicious.

I let go of the idea that I should be doing something, and opened myself to figuring out what will really work for us.

I wrote emails to my friends.

My boys swung together in the sunshine.

We read out loud, the boys explored with pastels, and we practiced reading, and none of it was planned.

I still have 4 hours before I sleep, and it will all be peaceful and happy and good.

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