Friday, May 4, 2007


Okay, it's just a little contest. I really want to know if anyone is out there! So add a comment to this post, and you'll be entered into a drawing to win the January 2007 issue of The Herb Companion.

I'll choose a winner Monday, May 7th.

Then it gets more exciting! Every Monday I'll check for comments on the previous week's posts, and I'll draw a winner and send a prize (on Friday). Next week's prize will be your choice:

1) A copy of the premiere issue of Somerset Studio magazine (paper crafts) ~or~
2) An unopened packet of Ferry-Morse Alyssum (Royal Carpet) seeds ~or~
3) A loom knit baby cap, 100% wool ~or~
4) Decorating For Christmas, a hardbound book put out by The Home Decorating Institute

I have tons of goodies to rotate into the prize pool!

Also coming soon: photos!

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