Thursday, August 9, 2007

Getting It All Out

So the suggestion was to keep writing, to put down the words even if I don't know where I am going with them. It may be very sound advice.

Then again, I was in the car this morning, with the stereo cranked way too loud and the words of the band Cracker filling my ears:

Get off this, get on with it
If you wanna change the world shut your mouth and start this minute

Now, certainly I believe that writers have changed the world. Yet, it seemed like a direct challenge...stop talking about it and start doing something. Not that I'm not doing anything. (Do you see how my brain goes around in circles?)

I've reconnected with old friends recently, and I read some of what people wrote to me many, many years ago, and I'm not that different than I was then. I need to own up to it, and I mean that in a really positive way. I am smart. I am sensitive. I am caring. I can make a difference. I have to stop thinking that I am just one person, alone, swimming against the tide. No, we are many. We may be small, but we are growing.

Think about it. 20 years ago I knew 2 vegetarians, and both were teenage girls. I couldn't find vegetarian menus, fries that hadn't been cooked in lard, or soups that didn't contain chicken broth. That changed. There are a lot of vegetarians. It applies to organics as well ~ do you remember when you couldn't find organic produce anywhere? Now it is big business (which is another problem in and of itself).

There may not be that many of us trying to change the world, but we are here. We will reduce, reuse, recycle, repurpose. We will cut back, we will consume less. We are on the road less traveled (or are we traveling less?).

So, in the midst of many personal crises, both large and small, I once again dedicate myself to changing the world. It's a huge task, I know, but some of us have to take it on.

What direction is the blog going? Environmental, local, non-consuming, Compacting, simplifying, living small, repurposing, community building.... But I am going to shut my mouth, at least for a short while. Look for more action, less talk.


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