Monday, March 31, 2008

Garden Plans

Where we are:  we have 3 square foot gardening boxes, 2 X 8 feet each, for a total of 48 square feet of gardening space (although some squares have beneficial flower plantings in them).  We have a producing orange tree.  I have a pot of herbs.  I also have a nice lavender bush, which is useful if not edible (we didn't care much for lavender tea).

I took a look outside today to see what we can do with a minimum of money invested.  I'd like to see us put in 2 more 2 X 8 boxes, and a 4 X 6 box.  That would increase the raised planter growing space to 104 square feet.  Those beds will require lumber and a soil mix.

We need trellises for tomatoes and cucumbers.  Our CSA is providing us with tomato starts.

I want to tear out the berry bushes (they produce very little) and put winter squash in that bed (not a raised bed) as winter squash stores well.  That bed is about 15 X 5 feet, and could produce a lot if we also use trellises for the smaller squash.  The bed needs to be dug out; in addition to the berry bushes there are quite a few established weeds in the bed.  It will need soil amendment.

Along the side of the house is 3 X 18 bed that I intend to plant as an herb garden.  A friend has some basil starts for me.  I've moved to using fresh herbs exclusively, and want basil, thyme, rosemary, sage, cilantro, Italian parsley, and perhaps a few more.  I'll put lemon balm and mint in pots.

I have a north facing bed against the garage; It needs some sort of barrier as it is level with the small bit of grass out there.  I could use retaining wall blocks to build a small raised bed, 14 X 1; the question is what exactly could I grow there?

I have plans for a shaded/woodland garden in our secluded side yard.  I haven't thought much about edibles yet.

Since we have a CSA share this year my goals is to grow the things I know we eat a lot of, such as tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, lettuces, and other greens.  I probably won't try to grow potatoes or carrots this year.

Once we get things going I'll start thinking about edibles in the front yard!

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