Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You Can't Have One Without the Other ...

What does a mom who has decided to spend the week observing the natural rhythm in her home do with her time?  Rearrange the furniture Work toward a creating a more harmonious environment, of course.

Monday I changed the living room around.  It had been at least 11 months since I did that last. The previous arrangement was nice, with a good conversation grouping, but it wasn't as cozy as I thought it could be, and I decided that I didn't love sitting with my back to the door.  Also, we were using the ottoman as a seating piece, which meant I didn't have a place to rest my weary feet while knitting or reading.

So the couch is on the opposite wall (again), my chair and ottoman are tucked into the corner near the fireplace, I brought in the rocking chair, and a charming homemade piece (part bookcase, part credenza) was moved from the dining room to anchor the main wall.  I didn't move the piano; I'm smarter than that.

I'm still working out the details, and will post pictures once I am finished and I find the card reader.  I'm not happy with the artwork on one wall.  Also, the coffee table is beyond distressed and a little too big, so I'm looking for an alternative.

A huge plus?  After 6 years (of having bare windows) we have decided on window coverings. Well, not the actual linens yet, but the style and finish of pole and the method of hanging. Something airy and natural, at least for spring and summer.

Tuesday I spent too much time on the computer.  'Nuff said, but in my defense I did manage to plan and prepare all three meals at home.

Today I worked on the dining room, which I now have a clear (and lovely) view of with the new positioning of my chair (Do you have your own chair?  You really should.).  In honor of Earth Day I employed use-what-you-have decorating.  I took the leaf out of the dining room table; I think the table is better proportioned to the rug and the room in the smaller configuration, but last time I tried it Papa didn't love it.  It look so nice, though, that I think he will approve this time.  (And he did, at least provisionally.)

Temporarily I put on the only small tablecloth I have, which has poinsettias on it.  They aren't noticeable from a distance and it will have to do for now.  I rarely find decent tablecloths at the thrift, much less oval tablecloths, so perhaps I will get around to making a cloth.  The whole room could use some lightening up.

My goal is to create a "formal" dining room that we will actually feel comfortable using as a family of 4.  We have a lovely breakfast nook and almost always take our meals in there, which leaves the dining room as a museum, something I really don't want.  I already took it down a notch by packing up my china and using the china cabinet for fabric; I have a treadle sewing machine in there and a few other vintage machines as well.  I think a lot of dining rooms serve double duty as sewing rooms.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring, as I work my way back through the house.

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