Friday, April 15, 2011

An Easy Week

So, J-Baby and I both came down with T-Guy's cold.  J-Baby has only had a couple of colds over the years and isn't accustomed to being congested; he moan and groaned all day Tuesday like he was dying.  All he could really do is listen to audiobooks and watch science and nature specials.

We made it to PE on Wednesday; it was nice to get a dose of sunshine and fresh air.  I had just started with a sore throat at that point; yesterday and today I've felt downright cruddy so we've continued with "educational television" schooling this week.  The boys have read, listened to audiobooks, listened to music (loving Beethoven's Wig), watched a science/nature program daily (I'm still me and can't plug them into a screen for more than an hour daily). drawn pictures, designed a new baseball game involving Pokemon cards, gone to Rain (I was heavily medicated, lol), and of course talked to us about everything they are doing.

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