Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Morning Pancakes

For some time now we've had a solid at-home Sunday breakfast routine going - Pancakes and Bacon.

Saturday evening I blend together Einkorn berries and buttermilk and then allow that to sit covered overnight. In the morning I add melted butter, leavenings, sweetener, and eggs, and then I adjust the consistency of the batter by adding either more buttermilk or a small amount of Einkorn flour. I cook them on a vintage electric griddle (which has improved my pancake making by a significant margin) and serve them with Kerrygold butter and real maple syrup.

(This is a riff on Sue Gregg's blender batter pancakes; I freely offer her credit for introducing me to the idea of blending whole grains with buttermilk.  My method the next morning is a little different, as are the ingredients I add.)

These are by far our favorite pancakes, even better than the buttermilk pancakes from Marion Cunningham's The Breakfast Book, which were are favorite for a long time. As a bonus these have the extra nutrition from the whole grain and the soaking.

Our favorite bacon is from Beeler's. We buy it from our local health food store and I'll admit to grabbing four packages at a time just in case they are out of it sometime.

When we camp we make our Sunday pancakes with homemade biscuit mix using Einkorn flour, Real Salt, pastured lard, and Featherweight (corn-free) baking powder. I mix that with buttermilk and eggs and the pancakes turnout very much like the pancakes I remember from growing up - tender and fluffy.


  1. how much einkorn berry to how much buttermilk? what about with einkorn flour?

  2. I start with 2 C. of einkorn berries to 2 C. of buttermilk; depending on the moisture content of the grain and the relative humidity I may add more buttermilk to get a good vortex going in the Vitamix.

    If you wanted to use einkorn flour and soak it overnight I would mix 3 C. einkorn flour with 2 C. buttermilk since in general 1 cup of grain grinds into 1.5 cups of flour. But I would just mix that in a bowl, not a blender.

    For the homemade biscuit/pancake mix I use 3 C. flour (12.75 oz.), 1 t. Real Salt, 1 T. Featherweight baking powder, and either 7 oz. lard *or* 1 stick of butter, all cut together in a food processor (or by using your hands or two knives). To make pancakes I add 1.5 C milk blended with 2 eggs to the mix, or 1.5 - 2 C buttermilk and 2 eggs blended together).