Sunday, August 6, 2006

Alive and Obsessed

I am feeling so alive lately, which is strange considering that once again I am facing health problems. I am just so happy to be me and to be sharing life with my man and my boys. Over the past year I have really come into a place with being content with myself and with my life, and I rediscovered that strong young woman I was so many years ago. It is exciting to be using alternative medicine for my boys, and to then recall how I bought herbs and made my own mite remedy for my cat 15 years ago. I remember when the health food store I go to now was a tiny little hole in the wall store in a bad neighborhood of San Bernardino, with no produce at all, and now they are in an old supermarket building that is probably bigger than most small town grocery stores.

I'm also absolutely obsessed with Enki and homelearning right now. I say that in a positive way, because immersion learning is great for me and that is really what this is. I just immerse myself in whatever it is that I want to learn or do. Enki has added depth to our homeschooling, and some back issues of Growing Without Schooling have inspired me to think about our lives in the present, instead of thinking of homeschooling as something we are doing now to prepare for the future.

It is a radical shift in thought. I mean, I have always thought of us as doing this now because it is right for us and seems to be a good way to "grow" children, but the future was always part of it. I suppose it always will be, but from now on I intend to think much more about the quality of the boys' lives now, and making sure that they have the chance to live a happy and fulfilled life now. They are really joyful children, and I want them to stay that way.

I'm just excited about all parts of my life right now. Pursuing health through nutrition and alternative medicine, decluttering and simplifying, loving my family, creating community....this season of my life is fantastic right now.

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