Friday, August 4, 2006

Epsom Salt Baths

I really like epsom salt baths. They are calming and they help detoxify your body via your skin. Because I am losing weight I am in a constant state of detoxification. I also in the process of clearing casein and gluten from my body, and I have gone off several medications over the past year and have to eliminate those chemical residues as well.

I have a large bath tub and add about 1 pound of salts per bath. Epsom salts are 50 cents a pound in the 4 pound box at Target; I looked to find them online in bulk and couldn't beat that price. Epsom salt is a U.S.P. product and chemically the "therapeutic epsom salt" sold online doesn't differ chemically from what I have found at Target and various drugstores.

I use epsom salt in my bath about 4 times a week. If I can't soak for 20 minutes I usually skip the salts, but I do use them at least every other day.

Reading more about Epsom salt, I think I'll start having the boys take epsom salt baths as well. Usually their baths are very short and are administered by Papa, but I think I could manage giving them 1-2 therapeutic baths a week. If not, I'll make an epsom salt spray or lotion for them.

Now, I never take a bath without essential oils. When I am ill I add whichever essential oils would be most beneficial for that specific condition, be it a bladder infection or something else. When we have mild colds I add thyme and eucalyptus. To my evening bath I add a synergistic blend of lavender, bergamot, and geranium essential oils (synergistic blends are essential oils that have been blended together ahead of time to allow them to work together, the sum of their parts being more than each added individually). This blend is calming and uplifting, and is particularly good for low mood. My new favorite morning bath has geranium and tangerine essential oils.

A great place for bottles to blend your essential oils in or for storing sprays and lotions is Specialty Bottle Company.

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  1. My kids are loving the Epsom Salt Baths! GM even requests them. He has taken one each morning this week (way more than we would normally do) to help him center himself before the Zookeeper activities he did. I didnt use as much as usual because of the frequency, but WOW we love them. GD and ME usually take a nice nap or can be found quietly coloring or something after theirs. They all really enjoy it!