Thursday, August 3, 2006

Not as Bad as I Thought

After despairing over my lack of time in terms of homekeeping, a few things woke me up to the fact that things really aren't that bad.

1) In 10 minutes time Papa and I tidied up the living room while chatting.

2) When I went into the front bathroom to take my bath last night I noticed that it was clean and uncluttered. Afterwards I noticed that the master bathroom was similarly clean and free of clutter.

3) At the same time Papa was helping the boys tidy their room, which gets restored to order every evening.

4) When I prepared the boys' bedtime snack I noted that the the dishes were done, all surfaces wiped, and the floor swept (we did this together after dinner).

5) The boys had their story time in a tidy and uncluttered breakfast nook.

So the biggest area of concern is my bedroom. I pondered why it is that suddenly everything is piling up in there. And it hit me - we used to use the school room as our "holding area" before we started using it for lessons. We'd pile things in there for a couple of months, then I would clean it out and we'd start over. This method wasn't an issue for us, because we didn't use the room often and could just shut the door. Now that we use the school room the stuff piles up in our room because we didn't change the system.

Just those realizations make it far easier to tackle the clutter that does exist, because it isn't as overwhelming. I predict that I will always be dropping a ball here and there, because I am human, but that overall I am going to figure out how to juggle it all.

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