Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's My Birthday...

...and they sure are making a fuss about it this year! You'd think I was turning one of those big, important numbers that end in "0", but no, I'm 38 today, although Grandma thinks we should stick to "29 and holding", after I declared that saying I was 21 wasn't exactly respectable with an 8 year old in tow, since I would have had to have given birth at age 12.

The boys made cards. Grandma took us to lunch at the local fish house. Papa woke up early this morning, let me stay in bed, and made tapioca pudding, from scratch, for us to have for dessert tonight. He also sent me flowers and ordered me a Le Creuset Open Roaster in red (I'm pretty sure it isn't used...I think he's considering it a necessary kitchen purchase). My sister called, my FIL called (and sent a card and check from him and my SMIL), and my mother called and said she and my dad want to come over for dessert this evening. Did I mention before that my brother and his family bought me a vintage spinning wheel? What a whirlwind birthday for someone who usually lays low and spends it with just her husband and kids!

At least there is the rhythm of the day and week to ground me. We had lessons this morning, and this afternoon I'll start the laundry and work in the garden. I still have to make my bed. I cleaned the kitchen, and there will be dinner to cook tonight. I'm not a princess...I'm a woman and a mom and a daughter and a granddaughter, and I'm very happy to be me.

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