Friday, April 6, 2007

Breaking the Compact....

It was bound to happen. Something would come up and make keeping the Compact impossible. For me, that something was my grandfather's death and the need for acceptable clothing to attend both the viewing and funeral.

I bought (all brand new):

1 pair black pants, cotton
1 black s/s blouse, cotton
1 silk blouse
1 pair black mules (shoes)
2 bras (totally acceptable Compact purchase)
1 pair jeans

I rounded it out with a hand-me-down black jacket and an old black handbag, plus my dollar store sunglasses from 2 years ago. For traveling and the casual time spent with family I took my thrift store shirts and old sweat jacket.

I hate shopping, and this was sheer torture. I didn't have enough time to scour thrift shops for something used; I was limited to the few department stores in town. Still, I was trying to keep my head about me.

I bought jeans because the only pair I have that fits are just about to rip out at the seam (honestly, I don't know what is keeping the various small holes together) and I had been unsuccessful finding jeans that fit while thrifting. I spent $20, and once I drop a size I can give them to my sister. Until then I'll just be glad to have jeans that aren't threatening to split apart on me while out in public.

I went as cheap as possible on the black pants, and bought them just a tad small, so perhaps I'll get a season out of them. I was unwilling to buy polyester, and it made no sense to invest in wool while I am still losing weight.

Both blouses can dress down, and look nice with the jeans. That's kind of nice, since I didn't have anything dressier than a black thrift store t-shirt in my closet. They are both natural fiber, and even though the silk blouse says dry clean I am confident that I can hand wash it. (By the way, I paid half that price, and still considered it very expensive).

I bought good shoes. My thinking was to buy a pair of shoes I can wear this fall and winter. In the past I would have spent $15-$20 on a pair of shoes for a special occasion, my feet would have hurt the entire time, and I would never have worn them again. These shoes should take me through 3-4 winters if I wear them often, and longer if I wear my athletic shoes a lot.

Looking back, I realize now that I probably should have been thinking ahead while I was thrifting. I so rarely need anything dressy that I never looked for that type of clothing. Because I have lost more than 60 pounds I didn't have anything dressy hanging in the back of the closet. I didn't have anyone to borrow from.

It isn't a failure. It can't be a failure to buy what you need to show respect at a funeral. I just thought I would document it in case anyone else is Compacting and hasn't thought ahead to special occasions.

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