Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Independence Days ~ Week 2

I sewed today.

This is significant.  I used the machine I bought, with stash fabric, and made a giftable item.  By myself, combining a couple of online tutorials.  It's a lunch sack with a nice wide gusset, made from a clearance dish towel I paid 60 cents for.  I even made the handle versus needing to buy webbing.

I've never made a tote bag before; it turned out really well.  I'm already eyeing my stash and thinking of more bags to make.  I have some gorgeous vintage printed linen dish towels that would make wonderful lined grocery totes (or maybe they are too pretty for that).  The IKEA fabric I bought last month can be turned into large beach totes.  My niece is so getting a Hello Kitty tote for her birthday.

The lunch tote is for my mother-in-law; a Mother's Day gift.  I'd love for the gift to be entirely homemade, but I don't happen to have Thermos making skills.  So I plan to purchase a stainless steel food jart to place in the bag, and hopefully a glass or stainless steel food container for items that don't need to be kept hot or cold.  I'll hem a couple of napkins from a matching dish towel, and see if we can't scout out some small vintage salt and pepper shakers.  Basically, I'm attempting to create a safe alternative to the vinyl lunchbox cooler and plastic containers she currently uses.

More important than the fact that I made a bag, or that I used what I have, is that I taught myself how to do something.  I barely sew; every time I make an attempt my skills improve, and I gain confidence.  The way I cut my dish towel I couldn't make the long handles the tutorial instructed me to make, so I made short handles.  That's when I realized it should be a lunch tote.  Thinking lunch tote meant the bag would need a gusset, something the original tutorial didn't call for.  I found a second tutorial, and figured out the gusset.  Putting the bag together, I started to see how a lined bag would work (even though I didn't line this bag).

This post isn't entirely worthless without a photo, but I will try to get one taken and posted once the sun comes back.

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