Thursday, May 1, 2008

Little Updates

The indoor drying rack works well as long as the temperature in the house isn't lower than 68 degrees.  It works really well when it is 78 degrees in the house.  It isn't as easy to hang wash on it as an outdoor line is, but I'm managing (wash and hang one load a day).  In fact, it works well enough that we may not invest much in an outdoor line this year.  I may just go tree to tree when I have something large to dry.

Eating seasonally have gotten easier.  We're not 100%, and we're not going to be, but right now I think our only non-local produce is bananas, with the occasional brown onion thrown in.  Not only do we have the CSA now, but there is a new organic fruit stand in town.  We're also loving the local gouda we can buy, even though it isn't organic.

I've eliminated two medications from my daily line up. I don't generally suggest that people ditch all of their medications, but I do think we have to be prepared for not being able to get medications.  I'm currently tapering off a third medication.

Car "lite" is going well.  We cut our driving 33% in March.  Transportation is now at 20 - 25% of average.

We finally got our water usage down to about 40% of the national average, and we're working on a plan to transition from ornamental landscaping to edible/medicinal landscaping, as well as plants that attract beneficial insects and pollinators, and low water plants.

I cut using the electric warming pad every night, and use a hot water bottle instead.  I pour my used water onto plants the next day.

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