Thursday, May 1, 2008

Independent Days #3 ~ What the Heck Do We Have?

I suppose that this is a huge question, and that I could spend weeks inventorying the household and not finish.

But this is about small steps and doing something everyday, so today I inventoried the freezer.  Not the big freezer ~ I'll get to that next week ~ but the freezer that is part of my refrigerator.  This is what I found:

2 packages grassfed ground beef (around 1# each)
2 trays Rosie Organic Chicken split breasts
2 packages lamb shanks (around 2# each)
enough chicken bones and pieces to make 2 batches of stock
dog bones (purchased from the local grocer)
6 qt. chicken stock (in 1 qt glass jars)
Numi organic tea (very little)
1 loaf brown rice bread
1 pkg brown rice tortillas
1# organic butter
1 bag cheese rinds (rinds peeled off wheels of cheese and used to flavor soups)
1 bag gluten free flour blend (blended by me, from a book)
1 bag raw sunflower seeds (purchased for sprouting)
1 bag organic strawberries (purchased for my niece at my sister's request, but not eaten)
xanthan gum

The freezer also houses the ice cream maker bowl and an assortment of blue ice used in the insulated bag.

It's a good exercise.  I would have forgotten about the strawberries as we don't buy them this way.  Nothing else was a surprise, but I'm still glad to have it written down and visually available.

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