Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Longest Day

(No, not that longest day, that doesn't come until June 21st this year.)

I was up early today, tending to the needs of a dog with a full bladder.  Puppy Girl caught me after about 4 hours of sleep, which is a time of lighter sleep for me, and by the time I'd dressed and dragged myself into the cold early morning just past sunrise I was awake.

It might have been punishment for having just told a friend the evening before that her morning waking time is the midpoint of my night's sleep.  I find it ironic that I was awakened at the exact time that she gets up every morning.

Amazingly, I've had a very productive day, and I've been mostly cheerful as well, after warning the boys that I might be just a tad grumpy.  (I am so tired, however, that I just typed that as frumpy, which I suppose I am feeling as well.  I managed to brush my teeth and take a bath, but didn't do anything with my hair.)

I am reminded of those early years with a baby, when the body somehow finds a way to function despite extreme fatigue, and when some of the best days come when you are so tired that you can't think.  Thinking sometimes gets in the way of doing things, or rather, over-thinking does and I am usually guilty of that.  Today I stopped worrying that there was some better flea medication out there and just ordered what we've used before, and I also made a decision and ordered a new rice maker after having researched them for weeks.  I had been hung up on price vs. slightly better features and had been paralyzed by it, but today the exhaustion stopped me from thinking so much about which one to choose.

(You might think the rice cooker wouldn't be such a big deal, but we had our first one for 12 years before it conked out.  I wanted to get something every bit as wonderful and durable.)

Hopefully I'll fall asleep early tonight; sleepless nights (or too early mornings) don't always mean I'll be able to sleep early, but I'm hopeful.  But first the Big Dog is waiting by the front door, anticipating his evening walk.  He didn't get up early, or he did (he's not one to turn down the chance to go outside, especially in the early hours when he might spot a possum or raccoon), but he went back to sleep and slept off and on all day.

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