Thursday, April 27, 2006

4/27/06 Daily Flow

I woke at 6, and just as I got out of bed Boy #1 woke up and wanted to snuggle. I climbed back into bed for 25 minutes. When I got up again he wanted to come with me, but I told him I needed some time alone and suggested that he snuggle Papa.

I made a cup of tea and got on the computer. The ideas I had slept on (see previous post) had congealed and I needed to start planning.

Within 20 minutes Boy #1 was up and was disturbing Boy #2, who really wanted me to sing. I did, and we all moved toward breakfast. Afterwards we made beds and got dressed. I forgot to brush their teeth, though. I sorted laundry and got that started.

The boys played while I continued planning. Then I packed snacks for the park and we headed out, even though it was cold and overcast. We had 5 families at the park, so that was good. I enjoyed talking to everyone.

We came home later than I had planned (because it was cold I thought we would leave earlier). I made refried beans and we had tostadas for lunch. The boys had quiet time and I planned some more. I should have spent at least 30 minutes just resting or reading.

We cleaned up with no protest from Boy #2, but no help either. Today Boy #1 did more than I did. He was motivated to paint. We had a snack of corn tortillas, plus scrambled eggs for Boy #2.

I didn't have what we needed to do wet-on-wet watercolor painting. My first thought was to not paint today, and instead go out and buy painting jars. But I really don't want to take them shopping on school days. Instead I had them paint with some artist's pan watercolors, again to hold the space. It worked beautifully. I set them up, and was then able to cut vegetables for dinner while stopping occasionally to change the water or hand out another piece of paper. I got almost all of the dinner prep out of the way. We cleaned up the painting supplies and they went outside to play while I finished cleaning the kitchen.

I didn't find a way to have a settling-in or transition before dinner, because I was cooking. That needs some work.

We had dinner, then cleaned the kitchen and walked to the farmer's market. We got lots of citrus, plus tomatoes and fresh, organic, free-range eggs (from the woman who grows the tomatoes). Then we walked to Von's for bananas and cantaloupe, and Trader Joes for a few things. Our push-basket is really useful.

At home, the boys put on pajamas (Boy #2 asked for help), then had a snack. Papa read to them, then we completed the bed time routine with brushing teeth, lighting the candle, singing, and hugs.

I took a bath and read more Enki :)

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