Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Spring Evening Walk

This was our first after dinner walk since the time change. I always forget how nice it is to head out while the sky is still light, and of course it makes for a natural "nature walk". We spent a lot of time observing new leaves on trees and the first flowers of spring. By the time we got home it was dark, and I was able to point out the "Big Dipper" hanging in the sky (Boy #1 thought it looked like a piano).

We love to walk. Sometimes our walking has a purpose, such as getting us to story time at the children's bookstore or to the library for new books. Sometimes we go on planned nature walks - on guided trails, at botanical gardens, and at local parks. But oftentimes we just walk, usually on a nice weekend day or after dinner. These days the boys often run ahead and DH and I can talk about the day's events and what is going on in the world. Sometimes the boys are bubbling over with things to talk to DH about, like BMX, Lego, and whatever books we read that day.

We walk for an hour or so. We started in earnest when Boy #2 was 3YO and was deemed old enough to walk on his own two feet for a couple of miles (we did walk regularly before this, but usually with a stroller or other carrier). This is also a good way to burn off some energy before bed. Everyone returns home a little quieter and a little happier.

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