Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Playing a game before bed doesn't work. It's too exciting and fast-paced (at least Trouble is).

Find a way for Boy #1 to feel loved in the morning. He is a second half of the night co-sleeper, only over the past couple of months he has come later and later. I attribute this to the fact he now shares a bed with his brother. Anyway, this morning I was already out of bed when he went to my bed. He didn't call out for me, but I heard the little sobs and sure enough the tears were falling. I went and settled him in, but I know it isn't the same. This is a hard change for him.

It creates an issue all day, with a child that starts the day deficient in the physical affection he so desperately needs. Not just because I am up earlier, but because coming later also means he spends less time snuggled up to DH (who is gone bike riding this morning).

Yesterday we bookended the day with rhythm (our waking and bed routines) but we were out all day at the Living Desert. I had the opportunity to observe how often we say "look at this" or "isn't this pretty". It's hard to be surrounded by beauty and not talk about it, and certainly to not point it out to your children.

I'm feeling pretty lost in the Enki world right now. Reading about circle planning refers you to the resource materials so often and I don't have them!

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