Friday, March 23, 2007

A Compact Birthday

T-guy's birthday was easy: we had planned a weekend out of town, and gave him a long sought after gift that had been purchased last December. We did a lot of things, but we didn't buy souvenirs or trinkets.

J-Baby's birthday is upon us, and we're having two parties: one for family, and one with his play group friends. Here are the details of the family party:

Decorations: We made curling ribbon steamers and hung them in the dining room, and also a birthday poster. (Pictures to come later, maybe.)

Food: We're doing the best we can here. Giving our time constraints (some of us will be at a bike race before the party) we couldn't make the entire meal from scratch. However, rather than resorting to takeout pizza we bought sandwich makings and we'll have sandwiches, chips, and fruit. For dessert we're serving homemade brownies, with store bought ice cream and homemade chocolate syrup. At J-Baby's request we bought a small amount of Virgil's Root Beer, and we'll make lemonade and iced tea.

Party Games: It's a small party, just family, and not everyone could make it. The only children will be my two boys and my brother's two boys. Mostly they'll guide their own play, but we also can bring out the Toss Across game, and/or burlap sacks for an old-fashioned sack race. A little bird told me there will be a new basketball wrapped in party paper, so I'm sure the boys will shoot hoops.

Party Favors: We're not doing them. No pinata, no candy, no cheap plastic toys. If within the next 16 hours I come up with a craft that we can make with what we have on hand we can do that.

The party with friends is really just a play group get together on J-Baby's actual birthday. We're asking everyone NOT to bring gifts. It's really low-key; for J-Baby it is enough for his friends to come on his actual birthday and sing to him.

Decorations: The same. No need to take them down.

Food: We're having it right after lunch, so we'll just serve light snacks and a sweet. The plan is lemonade, popcorn, and ice cream.

Party Games: None planned.

Party Favors: None planned.

Our gift for J-Baby? We got a screaming deal on something last December, and put it away. If I didn't have a store bought gift waiting in the closet I would make him something. His bear would really like some armor; I'll be working on that for Christmas.

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