Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Food Preparation 3/18 to 3/20 and Children's Snacks

(All ingredients unless otherwise noted will be organic)

Make stock
Make tapioca pudding (using raw milk, which will be heated, but at least is not homogenized)

Make whole wheat bread

Make granola (honey is local but not certified organic)
Make raw ice cream
Make soup (some for dinner, some for Wednesday lunch)

The boys have moved to snacking almost exclusively on fruit and vegetables. The fruit is usually apples and bananas, and also organic raisins. T-Guy likes peanuts as a snack, and whole grain crackers. J-Baby will sometimes ask for a piece of raw cheese. Every now and then we make popcorn. It is quite freeing to not be trying to make replicates of things like cookies, brownies, muffins, etc. We've done that (when first going gluten-free), but I always felt unhappy that they weren't whole grain and had a fair amount of sugar. Now that J-Baby is eating raw dairy we don't need his snacks to be so high calorie (although ice cream several times a week is high in calories, we use all raw organic ingredients and sweeten with maple syrup - it is not as sweet as commercial ice cream).

I rarely snack at all anymore. I might eat a couple of dates if I get hungry between meals, or a pear, but usually I just wait. I have taken up the evening snack, at least on the nights I make brown rice mochi.

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