Friday, April 9, 2010

Grade 4, Spring Term, Beowulf Week 1, Day 5 ~ Um, Yeah, Still Sick

I admit I must sound like a broken record at this point. Let me just say that homeschooling can be really hard when the homeschooling parent is ill. Luckily, we usually have an easy day on Fridays, catching up on unfinished work, viewing educational programs, and doing a bit of practice work.

The boys watched three episodes of Liberty's Kids today, a series that they are really enjoying. The series is behind where the boys are in American history, and it is really cool to see them recognize characters and events. I refrained from bring educational TV into our home for quite some time, and even now it is very limited, but I must admit that it is a format that J-Baby learns from easily. He loves shows like NOVA.

We also did silent reading, oral word games, and oral multiplication practice.

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