Friday, October 21, 2011

A Tiny Little Blog Break

I'm ready for the change of block.

I think it was back in grade 1 that Donna Simmons of Christopherus recommended short one week science blocks. While we now have longer science blocks as is appropriate to the boys' ages, I still like these short little science blocks, especially when I plan them as outdoors blocks. We let our academic practice work slide for a week and spend hours outside everyday. In southern California autumn is a glorious time to be outdoors.

We'll read, spend time outside interacting with nature, and do a little math review. That's it. Yet the block will incorporate language arts, math, science, social studies (geography), and physical education (hiking). I wouldn't be surprised if J-Baby decided to add in fine arts by drawing pictures.

I don't plan to blog our next block; the point is to be outside and to unplug. At least, I don't plan to write any words, although I may post a few photos. I can tell from this last week of blog posts that I definitely am feeling tired and stressed and I think a little blog break will be just what I need to return to this space renewed and refreshed.

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  1. Don't be gone long, I've been enjoying the daily posts! :)