Friday, October 7, 2011

Ancient Greece I Day 10

I almost forgot to get this post up -- oops!

We started this morning with ... singing! You were expecting grammar and math, weren't you? We got to that after the singing. We sang a few seasonal songs and then worked on rounds using Row Row Row Your Boat. Wow, we haven't sung in rounds in awhile, and we're rusty.

Next up were Daily Grammar and a Making Math Meaningful Fast Fact Sheet. J-Baby can't finish the fact sheets in five minutes (nor in six minutes, which is what I gave them) and he was a little discouraged today. All I could do is tell him that it will come in time.

We did Life of Fred math using the white board again; today the boys got to come up and do problems on it. They were so excited. We breezed through the bridge and I feel confident that we have done enough review to start new material next week.
 J-Baby works on long division. Papa has asked me if all homeschoolers wear tie-dye.

We finished up our study of Pythagoras by doing a drawing of pebble squares as our book told us the Pythagoreans had done. Not that they had drawn, that they had made number squares out of pebbles on the sand.
 T-Guy's drawing. Yes, he is twelve. No, he really doesn't love drawing.
J-Baby's drawing. Yes, the 5 is backward. No, he won't use crayons in his drawings.

One might wonder how after five years of the Waldorf grades (or Enki -- the focus on drawing is the same) my boys drawings haven't evolved into the masterpieces one sees in books and on blogs. I don't really know. The boys put more effort into their drawings in the early grades than they do now. It's okay though; now isn't the time for me to start caring what other think.

We had a great week; we're all settled into the new homeschool year and it's going really well.

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