Monday, October 3, 2011

Ancient Greece I Day 6

A new week, a new attitude.

Hoemschooling today was fantastic.  Yes, T-Guy still got frustrated with adding fractions (review work), but I stayed calm and patient and remembered that my job is to teach.  If he needs more review, he needs more review.  If he forgets the steps we go over them again.  If he gets upset we slow down.  It isn't his fault that he doesn't understand fractions they way I did as a child or the way J-Baby does.  Plenty of people struggle with fractions.  It's okay.

We had a grammar quiz and T-Guy was happy to say goodbye to prepositions for now (J-Baby really likes grammar).

The boys did the Making Math Meaningful speed sheet and we did another bridge test in Life of Fred (where the above frustration occurred).

All this week we'll be learning about Pythagoras as part of our Ancient Greek History block. Today we drew circles:
 J-Baby has success with his circles on the first attempt.
 T-Guy and I had to sit side-by-side and redo his circles.  Here he is coloring them in.
Here is his second attempt - much better!

The boys did their spelling and we were done!  The morning really sped by and we all enjoyed it. I hope there rest of this week is as successful.

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