Monday, October 17, 2011

Ancient Greece I Day 16

We had an unstructured day today. I'm still working on revamping my approach to writing and we had a major issue with the house painters today. It was noon before I came up for air.

Luckily, a new book had arrived early this morning: The LEGO Ideas Book. The boys spent the morning sorting and categorizing LEGO bricks as well as trying to figure out how to build some of the models in the book (the book has ideas, not instructions, which is exactly what I wanted). LEGO is a great toy for teaching a lot of different skills. The boys have now asked for small plastic bins so they can sort into more categories of bricks.

They also read books, listened to an audiobook, played outside, drew pictures, and practiced their instruments. The LEGO catalog arrived and they wrote out wish lists for their grandfather (who does his LEGO holiday shopping in October to get double VIP points), so that was penmanship practice, and they totaled the prices of what they wanted for a little math. J-Baby played with numbers a bit as well; I heard him telling T-Guy that he was "casting out nines".

Losing the morning (in part because I wanted to think about teaching writing, but mostly because of the painting debacle) made me realize that I really need to get on the ball with the boys' lesson binders. Even with a break from the main lesson writing they could have done penmanship, grammar, math practice, and spelling. The lesson binders help the boys be a little more independent in the mornings. If I have time this evening I will plan out tomorrow for them just in case we have issues again. I really hope we don't; I'd rather teach my boys when things are rough than deal with the house painters anyday!

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