Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Behind on my Reading...

I didn't finish last week's Enki reading, which means I am behind for this week too. You ask why? I have spent the weekend with Laura Ingalls Wilder.

15 years ago Little House in Ozarks was published. It is a collection of articles Laura wrote, on topics ranging from being a farm wife, to feminism (I don't think the word sat well with her, but she was very strong on her belief that a farm wife should be her husband's partner, each contributing equally and the woman knowing every aspect of the farm's business), to politics, simplicity, friendship, and more.

I know I devoured the book when I received it, but 15 years have passed and my life is far different that it was when I was 22. Saturday I thought of the book, went and found it, and started reading a little more slowly. Sometimes her ideas are dated, but there are many gems in this book; I feel as though I am receiving good counsel from a trusted friend.

I suppose if someone went through and edited Laura's writings, and just included certain articles, then she could have a bestseller on simple living, here nearly 50 years after she passed away.


  1. Do you ever Read Mary Janes Farm Magazine? I really enjoy it and it is ad free, except for her farm products. Lots of great ideas in there, plus it is beautiful to look at. I will say though that her little catalog in the back is WAY too pricey for me!!!

  2. Never have...now I am interested.

    (off to take a peak)

    My goodness, her prices are outrageous for what she is selling! I understand the price for thing like hand sewn aprons, but the food is pricey and the muslin bags are a joke. Hers are embroidered, but I paid $2 each for plain large muslin bags just like that.

    I'll have to keep an eye out for used/cheap/free back issues.