Tuesday, July 4, 2006

The Weekend is Winding Down

Today I have made a quinoa salad, hummus, boiled eggs, and gluten-free brownies. Papa was my dishwasher and for that I am very grateful. I mopped the kitchen floor. I have an hour or so of down time while the guys are at the 4th of July carnival. Then it will get crazy for the rest of the evening, but at least now I can see the end of the weekend.

Still to do is packing the cooler, packing the room-temp food and the paper goods, and figuring out what else we need to take with us to the big 4th of July celebration and fireworks at the university stadium. I may or may not make lemonade - it depends on whether or not I go buy sugar.

4th of July has always been a huge holiday for me, since I was a child. Now that I am older it is a more conflicted holiday: I love the freedoms we have in this country, especially the freedom of speech and the freedom of religion. At the same time, I am disappointed in our leadership and I hate the blind patriotism that comes with a "love it or leave it" attitude. Since when does having a differing view mean you don't love your country?

I usually put that all aside on the 4th, and revel in the huge gathering of community in celebration of the birth of the United States of America. This year we'll be joined by much of Papa's family. We'll picnic on the stadium field, watch sky divers and plane fly-bys, listen to our great 4th of July band (and to some other mediocre country-rock cover band), and eventually get treated to an amazing fireworks show.

Then we'll come home, put our sleepy boys to bed, and look to tomorrow.

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