Saturday, July 8, 2006

Weekend Goals

I don't usually do this on the weekend, but I have to figure it out, so why not type? All the house/laundry/food goals are for Saturday. Late Saturday afternoon we're heading to Palm Springs to swim at MIL's timeshare. Sunday will be for teacher preparation and teacher renewal.

House-related goals:

Tidy, tidy, tidy!
Clean bathrooms
Dust and vacuum
Scrub kitchen sink

Laundry goals:

Wash, hang, and put away light load
Wash and hang BMX clothing


Health food store
Target: buy suncreen and epsom salts

Food preparation:

Figure out what food to take to Palm Springs (snacks and dinner) and prepare and pack it in cooler.


Sunday my main goals are Enki-related:

Finish weekly Enki reading
Clean and tidy school room (still looking for another name)
Plan next block
Have Papa help me put Enki music on computer/iPod

Time in nature


  1. Youve been busy!! How'd you do?
    We were super busy this weekend too, but it was nice to get stuff done.
    Im off to read my Enki Foundation Guides. :-)

  2. Let's see:

    Tidy - a lot but not 100%
    Bathrooms - Papa did the front bathroom, back bathroom didn't get done
    Dust and vacuum - front rooms but not back
    Sink - still needs to have stains scrubbed out

    Laundry - all done (but never finished, unfortunately)

    Health Food Store - yes
    Target - nope

    Food - yes

    School room - yes
    Plan block - yes
    Music - no, but only because I found out I have to type in all the titles, and I didn't have time today
    Enki reading - 8 pages to go, will read in bed

    Bonus - cleaned and organized boys' bedroom, washed my bed linens

  3. Wow, that is one impressive weekend! Good for you!!!! We were really busy too, but unfortunately the house ended up in worse condition than it was on Friday night!