Thursday, September 24, 2009

Grade 4, Lesson 5, Day 4 ~ Oops!

Mama forgot to fill the boxes last night!

I'm not sure why I spaced out ~ I did all sorts of things after dinner that didn't involve the boxes. When DH came home from his meeting we watched an episode of John Adams and then *poof* it was 11:30 and time to read in bed.

We managed just fine this morning. The boys did their journals, I showed them what to do in their math books, and then they finished reading The Search For Delicious. I had them play Timez Attack and we recited multiplication tables. We also talked about The Search For Delicious.

The OM4 syllabus has a research project for social studies, of get this, 12 local animals. Um, no. I had each boy choose a different animal and they drew a picture of that animal today and titled the page.

(The funny thing is that reading the OM4 syllabus I was reminded of my 4th grade research project. I was assigned Mesa Verde in Colorado, and what I remember most was learning that it meant "green table". You'd think that the fact that it is a major site of cliff dwellings might have been important, but no. What can I say ~ I had just transfered to the school and I'm guessing I was worried more about whether or not I had cool puffy stickers.)

Tonight I filled the boxes right after dinner ~ I don't want to make that mistake again!

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