Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Grade 4, Lesson 6, Day 3 ~ A Delicious Project Party

We had a fantastic day!

We started with our workboxes: journalling, math practice, free reading, social studies (drawing new pictures of "their" trees and listing more events it "saw"), wooden sword play, Draw Write Now lesson, and sculpting their local animals out of clay. The morning was calm and productive.

This afternoon we had a The Search For Delicious project party with our friends who are using OM4. After having the kids play and burn off some energy we gathered in a circle and did a poll to find out what each person considered delicious. We included the dogs as well ~ Girl Dog thinks everything is delicious and Big Dog loves cheese. Cookies were the big winner with 3 votes; I have no idea why no one else chose cupcakes, a food that is delicious for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Oh well. T-Guy is right ~ my homemade chocolate chip cookies are also delicious.

The kids them made posters with a drawing of their food, writing their names and labeling the food. Then it was time for our delicious potluck. We had cupcakes (of course!), cookies, popcorn, root beer, carob candy, and pizza bagels.

After the food it was free play time. We had sword play, basketball, Lego play, coloring of Day of the Dead style skull pictures, and more. Then the kids moved to playing with Keva Planks and that held them for more than an hour. I love Keva Planks and have never met someone who didn't love playing with them, whether they were 4 or 40.

We had a blast! Working together was so rewarding and I loved that the kids had the connection of having read the same book. I love hanging out with my mama friends; we talked about reluctant readers, the OM journals, the art lessons, and more.

We had so much fun that I didn't get dinner made. Note to self: put something in the crock pot next time. We went to Red Robin instead, which the boys declared even more delicious than In 'N Out. (Totally off-topic ~ have you seen the calorie counts of their food? Last time we went we were appalled, so this time Papa and I split a bacon cheeseburger and fries which still amounted to 750 calories each.)

Do you see that happy face?

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