Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Simplest of Mug Cosies

Saturday evening I decided that I must have a mug cosy. I perused a few sites looking for patterns but most of them had cables (!) and I haven't knit cables yet. I wanted something mindless I could do while watching John Adams with Papa, and something that wouldn't have taken much time if I decided that I didn't care for it. so I decided to create something of my own design that would be very easy and simple.

I crocheted a rectangle out of cotton yarn, which isn't as stretchy as wool yarn and so I had to use a mug to make sure I was getting a good fit. I have lots of bits of yellow yarn leftover from making dishcloths ~ yellow dish clothes make me happy. 40 chains on a size H/8 (5.00 mm) crochet hooked seemed about right (I just wrapped my chain around the mug to gauge size). I crocheted until the rectangle was 3 inches high and then I bound off and joined the corners together with the bit of yarn left from starting and finishing the cosy.

It was a little too large around the bind off edge but that resolved partially once the cosy was washed and dried. I'm also not thrilled with how it fits over the mug; perhaps a button would be a better option.

This was as simple as could be and I soon had another on my hook, this time in natural yarn with a thin red border at top and bottom. I tried 38 chains and got a snugger fit.

I'd love to make a few of these as holiday gifts. If I want to use cotton yarn I will need to purchase mugs to go with the cosies so that I can be assured of a good fit. Otherwise I need to find a stretchy non-wool yarn (I have a pesky wool allergy that results in asthma and hives) that will insulate, perhaps a cotton blend such as Rowan Calmer, Knit Picks Comfy, or Lion Cotton-Ease. I have some leftover Cotton-Ease on hand so I will give that a try soon.

Another option would be to stick with cotton but switch to knitting and use a rib stitch for more stretch. That's something I can do, but it certainly isn't mindless.

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